There are many reasons to visit Dalmatia, and it is almost impossible to set aside enough time to visit all the beauties it offers. There you will be delighted by cities, imperial squares, viewpoints from which you can enjoy a beautiful view, bays, fortresses and countless other localities.

In addition to enjoying the sights, Dalmatia is widely known for its dishes, and we bring you some of them that you must try.

Dishes of Dalmatian cuisine are an unmistakable combination of the past and the present. Dalmatians perfectly combine simple and easily available ingredients into extremely tasty, filling and healthy dishes. These dishes, full of the aroma and smell of the Mediterranean, were recognized by UNESCO as the healthiest in Europe and included in the list of world intangible cultural heritage!

Dalmatian cuisine is unimaginable without fish, seafood and, of course, olive oil, which the combination of sea and sun provides ideal conditions for production. Of the spices, sage, bay leaf and rosemary are used the most.

Black risotto

This world-famous and original Dalmatian dish got its name from cuttlefish ink, which gives it a penetrating black color. Regardless of the minimalism on the plate, you will enjoy every bite. Black risotto is a combination of two worlds, olive oil from the rocky coast and fresh cuttlefish from the sea.